Ending the year disappointed in HP, Palm and webOS

Posted By on December 31, 2010


Either I was way too early in adopting Palm’s webOS and the Palm Pre smartphone, or the powers that be are dropping the ball in moving ahead quick enough to satisfy me with their OS and product line. It is too bad that Palm, then HP, did not develop the alliances with partners and market hardware that could keep up with their competitors – particularly Apple and Google’s Android. I’m disappointed at minimum and frustrated to be more accurate. I do really like the Palm Pre and am satisfied with my carrier (Sprint), but am currently having difficulty being optimistic, unless HP makes a quantum leap pretty soon.

Although the app catalog officially does have 5000 programs and my phones is just as efficient (actually more efficient since I’m running the chip at 1ghz) as it was on day adobeflashmessageforwebosone nearly two years ago, we’re still waiting for the next webOS 2.0 release, an Adobe Flash Player which was highlighted last year at this time, and new phone hardware (hardly anything new). The Palm Pre 2, which was disappointingly release first in France and then second with Verizon in the U.S. I think its odd that HP opted to offend the largest webOS user base on Sprint … or was unable to convince Sprint to sign on? I’m guessing I’m not alone in contemplating looking around at mobile operating systems which seem to have the momentum; or am I just venting frustration? Let’s hope 2011 brings improvement and pleasant surprises to loyal webOS and Palm phone users – I’m giving notice.


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