Tech Friday: posting etiquette and email signatures

Posted By on December 3, 2010

Admit it, you’ve been pretty annoyed receiving emails with extensive signatures or while reading in forums where regular users post distracting, offensive or just plain long-waste-of-screen-space signatures. This practice is one of my pet peeves when visiting certain‘permissive’ forums that allow ‘spam-vertising’ byflea_ani user signature or avatar. This becomes doubly irritating when the same user posts ‘one-line comments’ multiple times in the same thread requiring page feed after page feed just to sift through the same signature information in order to read the content. That said, some of the items in sigs or avatars can be interesting and amusing. In fact, this little flea had me distracted and brushing my screen for a second (image right)…

My advice is don’t distract readers with obnoxious signatures looking a bit like the nauseous MySpace pages of the past … or current but can’t say I’ve visited one recently (BTW, there’s a plugin for browsers call SanitySwitch to clean up the reading of MySpace pages).

On the off chance you are a sig offender, take this suggestion to heart and consider cleaning up your email and forum signatures.

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