Replaced my Palm Pre with a duplicate today

Posted By on December 1, 2010

While closing in on 2 years with my webOS Palm Pre, I’ve opted to replace my original Pre smartphone with one of the last of the original Sprint Palm Pre phones before they are gone. (I’m crossing my fingers that Sprint will eventually get the Pre 2)palmprecrack100107 Thankfully my insurance plan replaced the defective (but still working) model without any additional dollars out of my pocket.

Over a year ago the screen crack in the photo began working its way along the side of the phone about and inch in each direction, but still didn’t impact the touch sensitivity. About a month ago I lost the ability to charge using the Touchstone wireless charger and thought perhaps the battery needed to be replaced. After purchasing a new battery I realized that the tiny copper pin that makes contact with the special Touchstone backplate was missing, so that was issue two. The final straw came when the corner power switch gave out … so it was either time fix or replace.

Unfortunately I exchanged phone while traveling this week and have been scrambling to get the webOS install on the Pre back to my liking. As I type this during lunch, I’m running the Palm Pre Backup/Restore homebrew app and am hoping everything appears magically as it was before – I’m probably overly optimistic.


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