Whoops … FedEx missed the driveway. Now what?

Posted By on January 12, 2011


It will be interesting to see if the FedEx driver delivering to our home on Tuesday will voluntarily make note of this “error in judgment” … or if the little off-roading incident will go unmentioned? I’ll need to check on things when the snow melts, but perhaps someone reading this knows how it is best handled?

Fedx_offdrive_4671 Fedx_offdrive_4678

I think I’ll archive a couple security photos to my blog just in case there is an issues with the lawn repair … of course they may say I should have put in driveway markers?

Fedx_offdrive_4679 Fedx_offdriveway_4680


  • I think I would file a report now and let them know your stance, and let them know you have documentation in the form of photos.

    • I sent in an email so as to document the incident … we’ll see how it
      is handled.

  • I guess if it’s not clear where your driveway is I wouldn’t find much fault on someone who missed it. Even a set of tracks like I see ahead of him doesn’t mean much.

    • Your probably right … and that’s kind of what I said in the email that I wrote to FedEx. They followed up with a phone call and apologized for the driver saying that he should have let us know. They will send a company out in the spring and take care of the ruts … what I expected.

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