Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing, Aerobatic Sport Aircraft Makes First Flight

| January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011, Oshkosh, WI – Posted via email from RichC’s posterous

Stock markets in a sea of red do to unrest in Egypt

| January 28, 2011

As the middle east boils and Egypt joins Tunisia in a public uprising against their governments, world markets grow nervous seeing oil rise 4% today on worry over disruption. Not only is our U.S. stock market giving back it’s gains from the past few days, but the political unrest a half a world away reminds […]

Video: Jimmy Buffett … “after the fall”

| January 28, 2011

A few words of appreciation from Jimmy Buffett … humbled by the outpouring of concern and well wishes from his fans. From his comments it does look like he is going to be just fine although will miss the New Zealand concert. Gotta love the the “Fins Up!” smile. 😎

Our Sputnik moment … now and then

| January 28, 2011

In the State of the Union address this past Tuesday night, President Obama reflected on the space race as a time American’s found themselves behind in technology and rose to the occasion as Americans competed with the Russians in the frontier of space. “This is our generation’s Sputnik moment,” Obama said. As a result, we […]

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