Top Gear holiday show: From Miami to New Orleans

| January 1, 2011

My son couldn’t stop laughing at this Top Gear holiday episode – a road trip from Miami to New Orleans – and wanted me to watch it. It takes a little time so I watch it on New Year’s Day on the computer. “Crazy Brits” definitely applies to a few of the things they do. […]

Biodiesel industry primed to flourish

| January 1, 2011

With an expected economic recovery underway and oil prices rising, the biodiesel industry is looking to produce “as much as a billion gallons” and be profitable in 2011. Washington, D.C. — Boom times are ahead for a biodiesel industry that struggled just to stay alive in 2010. The industry could produce as much as a […]

Looking for more ways to tax: cellphones and ebook downloads

| January 1, 2011

According to a article by AnnaMaria Andriodis, we could see states and counties increasing taxes on new technology such as cellphones and e-books. Unlike Uncle Sam, state and county governments are required to balance their budgets and as local sales taxes and both the real estate and income tax stream of tax revenue dwindle […]

Desultory - des-uhl-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee

  1. lacking in consistency, constancy, or visible order, disconnected; fitful: desultory conversation.
  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.