Brokerage software continues to improve for investors and traders

Posted By on February 17, 2011

himomOn the days that I am connected to the Internet during Wall Street’s market close, I often stream a tiny Slingplayer window of CBNC’s Closing Bell. Today I chuckled at someone on the trading desk holding up a “Hi Mom” sign (left).

Also changes in technology has helped investors and traders in recent years by making it easier to fill positions in after hours trading than in years past. The more active “after 4PM” markets, and routing software offered by many online brokerage firms, gives better electronic fills than even just a decade ago. For example, an uptick that continued after market hours helped me hold AAPL after the closing bell enabling me to exit with a few more dollars profit without holding stock overnight in my trading account —making for a better nights sleep, especially with CEO Steve Jobs health news and all the political unrest in the middle east in recent weeks.


(AAPL was up .80 in after hours trading with fills at $359.00)


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