Northern Tools and Equipment markets to biodiesel customers

Posted By on September 26, 2011

It has been a while since I mentioned anything on biodiesel … primarily because the feedstock used to produce it have risen along with oil. The fact that new cars and their emission controls have also thwarted biodiesel fuel in higher than 5% doesn’t help. Still, it is interesting to see companies catering to the need of biodiesel “homebrewers.” Northern Tool and Equipment is doing just that … interesting even if their prices seem a bit steep.


What Equipment Do I Need to Make Biodiesel Fuel?

Safety Gear: Because youll be using chemicals to refine your oil, you should always be sure youre wearing protective safety gear before starting the process. Safety goggles, gloves, protective apron and boots are essential.

Chemicals: The Biodiesel fuel-making process requires methanol, sulfuric acid and catalyst along with air-tight storage containers for each.

Biodiesel Processor: The processor converts the oil into Biodiesel fuel. Consider purchasing a well-known, trusted brand such as BioPro or Fuelmeister.

Fuel Filter: The fuel filter works to filter and remove water from the fuel. Because initial use of Biodiesel can release deposits previously accumulated on tank walls and pipes, its recommended that the fuel filter be changed after the first tank of Biodiesel.

Fuel Pump: The fuel pump provides safe, efficient transfer of the fuel to your engine. Consider models that are heavy duty with thermal overload protection, strainer and automatic nozzle for easy fuel transfer.

Fuel Pre-heaters: A Biodiesel fuel can sometimes gel, either due to cold temperatures or because its been produced from heavily saturated fats such as waste oil from restaurants. Fuel pre-heaters work to effectively keep Biodiesel from solidifying.

Biocides: Biocides are an additive designed to stop the growth of microorganisms in your fuel, thus helping preserve the life of stored Biodiesel.

Synthetic Polymer Fuel Lines: The solvent properties of Biodiesel can result in a slow degradation of rubber fuel lines over the course of months and sometimes years. Therefore, it is beneficial to use Synthetic Polymer Fuel Lines when it comes time for replacement.

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