Another GOP debate and a feisty one at that

Posted By on October 19, 2011

I spent the 8 to 10PM hours Tuesday night watching yet another GOP debate, this one hosted on CNN. gopcurrentbig3This time the top tier of the Republican field came out fired up and directed jabs at each other. I suspect viewers who prefer to see Obama as the target were somewhat uncomfortable with the body blows each candidate exchanged. First in the crosshairs was Herman Cain, and his "9-9-9" economic plan. He had to work hard in defending the “fairness” of his plan which many believe is friendlier to the wealthy and could more heavily tax the middle class. Then came immigration and swipes back and forth between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Perry sees Romney as a hypocrite due to the Romney landscaper having hired illegals and Romney targeting Gov. Perry’s granting illegal aliens with Texas in-state college tuition, something not available to legal citizens from neighboring states.


The second tier candidates, Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul, were struggling to have their voices hear. Santorum hit hard, but will have a hard time gaining ground. Gingrich in my opinion continued his smart-alec remarks and seemed to talked down to the others including Anderson Cooper. Ron Paul remained out on a long, lone limb, although pressed his extreme cost cutting plan recently introduced, and Bachmann remained, well annoying … especially her laugh (ok, that was an uncalled for personal remark on my part).

I think we’re down to three … and suspect we’ll eventually see Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate … and that will be good (it can’t come soon enough).


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