VW clean diesel TDI models — 20% of overall U.S. sales 11/2011

| December 1, 2011

U.S. built 2012 Volkswagen Passat – Motortrend Car of the Year 2012 Volkswagen reported strong sales for November 2011, up 40.7% over last year. The new Passat contributed over 6000 units and the Jetta 11,131 units (a 58.9% increase year-to-date). The somewhat unique to North America 40+ mpg clean diesel models contributed to nearly 20% […]

Video: Jetman Yves Rossy flies in formation

| December 1, 2011

I’ve posted on Yves Rossy  and the Breitling team since his original flights over the Swiss Alps and here’s his “new feat: Flying in formation at full throttle together with 2 jets from the Breitling Jet Team … at their minimum speed. Beautiful images for an outstanding achievement!”

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