Do we still need cable?

Posted By on January 7, 2012

I’ll be joining the “cut the cord” crowd when fiber makes it to my house and an Internet only package is fairly priced. For many would be “cable cutters,” cable is their only access to high speed Internet and the marketing of package prices make it questionable for customers to decouple. For me, I’m still tied to Time Warner for broadband, a phone (my dedicated home fax number) and TV content. Perhaps I could pull local HDTV and the networks over the air, but the loss of ESPN and national cable news would be missed … for a while. Still, I see the day is coming and I wouldn’t mind a smaller monthly bill.

Dear Cable:

Before I say anything else: It’s not you. It’s me.

I’ve changed over the years. I’m hardly at home. And when I am, it’s not live television I’m watching. It’s stuff that’s been queued up on my DVR for weeks. But mostly, when I’m on my couch with a remote in my hand, I’ve been…streaming. I know how wrong that must sound. But everyone’s getting their shows and movies through the Internet these days. I’m sorry. It’s just the reality of things.


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