Clean up on this unseasonable 80 degree first day of spring

Posted By on March 21, 2012

alittlebonfire120320The unseasonably warm weekend prior and first day of spring brought a bit of clean up to the Corbett yard and with that our semi-annual bonfire (we have one spring and fall – or kid gatherings).

While we are probably burning the dead wood and yard debris in violation of some kind of local township or neighborhood  regulation, we continue to carry on a family tradition. For 30 years now on our properties and in generations prior.

I remember a story from a few years ago as Brenda’s 85 year old grandmother known as Aunt Mabel in Brocton NY told the young policeman asking her not to burn … “Sonny, I don’t drive a car, I don’t smoke and this burning is the only polutin’ I do … and so I’m going to continue to burn my fire.” The officer politely walked away. So far … we’ll do the same.



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