Temperatures of the new iPad are warmer than the iPad2

Posted By on March 20, 2012

Since I already use a sometimes hot smartphone, very hot Gateway notebook and have a smokin’ hot wife  (oh, scratch that last Pastor Joe “NASCAR” Nelms plagurized line) … I’m not sure I’m anxious for another “temperature” hot device? Hmm, the discounted iPad2 is looking better all the time.

It looks like we weren’t the only ones to notice the new iPad getting slightly warmer than expected. Dutch website Tweakers.net has taken an infrared camera to the new iPad and revealed that it runs at up to 33.6 degrees Celsius (92.5 Fahrenheit) when running the GLBenchmark — that’s 5.3 degrees Celsius (9.6 Fahrenheit) more than the iPad 2, which reached 28.3 degrees Celsius (82.9 Fahrenheit). The site noted that the hottest part of the device was the lower right corner where the processor is located, but didn’t test for any increase in heat when using the LTE radio.


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