Anarchists had multiple targets in northeast Ohio

Posted By on May 1, 2012

bridge in ne ohio

Traveling through NE Ohio today, I had thought about driving across route 82 this morning … but hearing the news that anarchist planned to blow up had me rethinking my route (not that there was really any danger — thank you FBI). I’ve often thought, that just as with the “interstate snipers” from a few years ago, it doesn’t take much for “evil-doers” (as President GW Bush would say) to target Americans as they go about their daily lives. Would we change our routines?

After reading a little in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the bridge wasn’t the only target …

Clevealnd bridge Bomb plot suspectsSuspects (left to right) Connor Stevens, Anthony Hayne, Brandon Baxter, Joshua Stafford and Douglas Wright.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Blowing up the Ohio 82 bridge over the Cuyahoga Valley was apparently not the only terrorist action in mind for members of a loosely organized anarchist group arrested by FBI agents Monday, officials said.

Members of the group actually “placed the devices at the base of concrete pillars … and attempted to detonate them at a remote location” on Monday, but what they thought were bombs were actually “inert devices,” the FBI said in a news conference this morning.

According to an affidavit, various members of the group — three of which had been charged early today and two others were were being charged — had also talked about attacking or detonating explosives at the following:

  • The Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland
  • The Justice Center in Cleveland
  • A Cuyahoga County Homeland Security operation called the Northeast Ohio Regional Fusion Center.
  • An unidentified Ku Klux Klan location in Ohio
  • An Interstate 480 bridge known as the Valley View bridge.

Members of the group also talked about putting smoke grenades on the Veterans Memorial Bridge (Detroit-Superior Bridge) in Cleveland as a diversion while they “knocked the bank signs off the tops of the larger buildings in downtown Cleveland” …


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