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Posted By on July 31, 2012

SonexShopView_0688 SonexAerovee_0685

With the slow economy and the associated weak income/high expenses related issues … combined with my lack of aviation motivation in recent  years, it only makes sense to show my Sonex project to interested builders. After cleaning up the shop a little bit, I picked up a potential buyer, Dennis, and his friend Tom at the Warren County airport on Sunday afternoon so they could take a look.

SonexFus_0687 SonexCockpit_0686

We had a nice visit and couldn’t believe the number of interests we shared. Besides aviation, Tom is an MGB guy and took an interested in my project. He also has an interest in sailing and actually recognized the make and model of the boat Brenda and I owned and sailed pre-kids – a Baba 30. Of course that opened up another half an hour of conversation. We had a nice time whether they buy my project or passes on it.


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