Looks more and more like “flying” pilots are becoming obsolete

Posted By on July 31, 2012


Unmanned, but then who’s looking out the “faux” window?

Remember the ‘UFO’ that motorists spotted along D.C. highways back in June?

The saucer-shaped object caused a stir in the area prompting many to call 911 and to post photos on Twitter.

We later learned the mysterious object was an experimental, unmanned aircraft called an X-47B.

The aircraft was delivered to the Patuxent Naval Air Station for testing and on Tuesday FOX 5 got its first close-up look at the drone.

According to Northrop Grumman, the saucer-like shape of the aircraft is a deliberate effort to make it harder to detect.

Remotely-piloted aircraft like the X-47B can be used for surveillance or can carry weapons.

Read more: http://www.myfoxdc.com/story/19156226/dc-beltway-ufo-up-close-at-air-base#ixzz22DOPJKDh


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