Android and Apple iOS devices to be less similar in the future

Posted By on September 9, 2012

After Samsung’s recent lost to Apple in federal court, Android users will start to see a few changes to the look and feel of their phones and tablets and those being designed by Apple. One would assume that the individual manufacturer’s tweaks to Google’s Android skins –will be modified from the current attempt to emulate Apple’s iOS and the Google’s out of the box Android OS (deeper pockets). sharkbloodThe question is, will the changes being made be acceptable to users … or will they switch? Besides the changes to the skins by each hardware manufacturer, I would think Google’s developers are distancing themselves in areas where Apple lawyers already have the taste of billion dollar blood.

InformationWeek highlighted a change to Samsung’s rubber-banding effect in its Galaxy line of phones – the bounce-back of content that occurs when a user reaches the edge of an electronic document. In its new Galaxy S3, “Samsung has substituted a blue glow for the bounce-back feature to warn a user that he’s approaching an edge.”

"Competitors will start to make more deliberate differences in their models from Apple’s. That could be quite disruptive" to their production schedules in the near term, said Ovum telecommunications analyst Jan Dawson, in an interview.

Hmm, disruptive?”

Too many “disruptive” changes will irritate users, especially if the changes, or in Android speak, improvements, complicate the lives of smartphone users and the look and feel they are already use to. I see it as especially frustrating for those who uses several similar content consuming devices and are switching between iPhone and Android phone, an iPad and Android tablet, or perhaps a Blackberry, Kindle or Windows 8 device?

I’m already frustrated with different operating systems. Ever since I started using the iPad, I find myself finger pinching and jabbing at the computer. I’m not sure I can handle more differences … and suspect that is Apple’s plan!



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