Weekend round up and a Bengal loss to the Steelers … again

Posted By on October 22, 2012

I planned visiting my mom and home projects (and football watching) perfectly around the weather this past weekend. Saturday was a bit gloomy with a few sprinkles for my nursing home visit with my mom. She is doing pretty well considering she is being turned every couple hours and bedridden. Her mind is sharp and she even had her hair done this week which assumed made her feel a little better (she did complain it was painful though). I wish there was something medically that offered hope for her crumbling vertebrae and bone infection, but there aren’t any options. Next decision is whether or not to replace her pacemaker battery?

drain1_121020 drain2_121020

The second part of the weekend was “Round 3” (ding, ding, ding) with the downspouts, sump and septic drain lines; unfortunately they bengals3_3_121021have been attacked by roots and need to be cleaned out. I’ve been both digging and replacing AND roto-rooting the 4” pipes with a drain snake. It is hard to tell if I’ve done enough to correct the problem for any reasonable period of time … or if the roots will find their way back in again? Who knows, but I hope the new pipe should be okay for another few years. I’ve added a capped cleanout T-fitting that will make running a drain snake a little easier next time. All in all it was a nice Sunday afternoon weatherwise … 60s and sunny … that was until Sunday Night Football. Once again, the Pittsburgh Steelers came to town and humbled the Cincinnati Bengals – 24 – 17. Pitiful and disappointing performance by both Cincinnati coaches and players alike. Makes me want to move back to Cleveland … hmm … maybe not.



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