Bringing Mom and Dad Howard back from New York

Posted By on November 14, 2012


I tuned out for a couple days since wifi is scarce at my in-laws farmhouse in western New York. Brenda and I made our annual pilgrimage to pack up her mom and dad and are bringing them to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving and then on their way to Florida for winter. They take the a slow trip south with stops in Cincinnati and Atlanta in order to stay with their daughters … which makes the trip enjoyable for all.

While we were in Jamestown packing up, we made our usual and much appreciated trip to Davidson’s Family Restaurant for a fish dinner as well as to the post office, hair cut, bakery run and pickup truck load of stuff to the dump, which reminders me to get the brake fixed on the truck … I barely stopped behind an unsuspecting car. Whew!

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We also enjoy leafing through a few old photos and collected items (shortly after WWI when her mom and dad were dating). We closed up the house and barn, but I also noticed the growing number of maintenance items … now that Brenda’s dad is unable to tackle these chores. I’m not sure how much longer we’ll be able to continue this?

Of course the weather turn sour as soon as we arrived and made the chores a little be less comfortable …we even had a little snow (thankfully just “a little”) … but the task is done for another year.

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