Engagement proofs for Drew and Katelyn are ready

Posted By on November 15, 2012


In keeping with the last couple days of family and personal posts, my daughter and future son-in-law shared their engagement photo proof pages (slide show) from their recent photo session with Shuey Mill Photography. The weather on Sunday afternoon was perfect for the shoot and it helps that the two of them are photogenic. Katelyn and Drew were pleased with the photos (as was Brenda) and they will have a tough time picking from all of the photos … but I know that the final album will be a great keepsake (quite the upgrade from our “self-photos” 30 years ago – although we weren’t really thinking engagement photos either). There were so many great photos, but just screen grabbed a few to archive on the blog.

kd_engagementphotos6 kd_engagementphotos7


kd_engagementphotos5 kd_engagementphotos4
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