Tech Friday: When replacing a device make more cents

Posted By on December 7, 2012

Tell me I’m not crazy, but this is the third  time that I’ve purchased an all-in-one multifunction printer in the past several years. epsonwfprinterFor one, inkjet printer heads and ink are challenging to keep flowing without problems, particularly when using refills and remanufactured inks – link. The customer support phone line suggested that using “their branded” replacement ink prevents problems, but purchasing them can have consumers scratching their heads and looking at  empty wallets.

Years ago, I filled my own ink cartridges and tinkered with cleaning heads, but sometimes it is wiser to just replace the printer. Improvements in speed and features justified (at least in in my mind) a device replacement, because even trying a new set of “branded” cartridges is cost prohibitive. epsonartisancartsThis was frustrating enough when it was only the important black cartridge, but in my current Epson Artisan 800 printer, one empty (or plugged) color cartridge prevents a printer from operating “even in grayscale mode.” A call to Epson customer service recommended taking the device to the nearest repair facility which is over an hour away … or to to replace the device with the brand “loyalty discounted one.”  This was an easy call when the price of the new multi-function printer is nearly what it would cost me in fuel to drive to the repair facility or purchase SIX new ink cartridges. (see below) More junk heading for the landfill I guess?





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