Sailboat trade-offs: Time for Money or Money for Time

Posted By on January 17, 2013

We’ve all been there. Weighing the choice to put in sweat equity to save money or spend money to save time. This year is no exception and sided with spending money to save time.


Life has been busy and priorities like spending time with my mom in her final months, and my dad in recent weeks, has taken up the time that I intended to use to work on Encore while she was out of the water. I fully intended to at least paint the bottom after the peel and epoxy barrier, but finding spare days and weeks was not possible. Instead, I’ve opted to job out the final steps in order to get Encore’s bottom finished up and ready to go back in the water. Oh, there is still plenty to do topsides and below decks, but at least we’ll be floating rather than in a dirty boatyard. As my late-brother-in-law would have said, she is looking marvelous. I’m impress with the shine; the guys were able to buff and wax Encore’s aging fiberglass back to life. (more photos below – click for larger)

Encore-019m Encore-018mEncore-017m
Thanks for the photos Joe (1/15/2013)


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