Retail fuel prices are down a bit from last January

Posted By on January 18, 2013

oldfuelpricessignAlthough retail unleaded gasoline is down 25 cent per gallon since last year at this time in SW Ohio, we remain just above $3.00/gallon in most areas. gasprices45069_130118(I paid $3.09 and $3.07 this week while traveling in north east Ohio)

Since I’m thinking about a new diesel car this year, it is be frustrating to have to consider paying 80 cents or more per gallon for diesel (about $3.90/gallon). Even calculating the 30-35%efficiency of diesel engine, it isn’t easy to justify paying more upfront for a diesel vehicle and still paying 30% more for fuel. For those of us wanting to see diesel vehicles make “real” inroads in America, it will continue to be an uphill battle.


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