Thinking spring and about the good times hiking with the kids

Posted By on March 5, 2013


The weekend visit with my daughter Katelyn and her fiancé Drew left me scanning in a few more photos that they want to use in the wedding – yikes, a little more than a month away! The photo above, although not one that they are using, reminded me of the good times we had hiking each fall and spring with my friend Jeff and his dog Heather (below). Every year we would meet halfway to camp and hike in western Virginia to the mountains of Carolina (he lived in Florida) along the Appalachian trail. The kids loved it and Brenda tolerated it … the primitive tent camping part that is; she was quite happy when we stayed the cabins and had access to facilities. Katelyn remembered on year I put “amber colored sun glasses” on her during a frightening lightning storm to keep it looking brighter while following the wild horses …  it was a close call. Ok, so “mostly” good times.



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