Evaluating the the interior on the 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D

Posted By on May 26, 2013

CleaningEvaluatingInterior8One of the tasks on my list this Memorial Day is to evaluate the interior of the new to me 1982 Mercedes Benz 300D turbodiesel. Although for its age the interior is in good condition, it does need both cleaning and some repair. Unfortunately I don’t have the repair skills enabling me to do this myself, nor know someone in the area, so I’m struggling a bit on this project.

The primary issue is the piping around the material on the door posts and door frame. The headliner has held up pretty well and hopefully can be gently cleaned – same for  seats, minus a few cuts. I’d like to re-pad at least the seats at some point, but for now they are ok. I might look into some kind of seat cover in order to protect them further? The Mercedes smell is prevalent (those who have owned a Benz know what I’m talking about), although I’m not sure exactly why? Glues, seat material or the horse hair padding the backrest of the rear seat?


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