Mercedes Benz customer appreciation efforts are impressive

Posted By on July 16, 2013

Most car guys (and gals) know that the Mercedes Benz nameplate represents a high quality vehicle, but also a higher price. Some might argue that there is worth in a vehicle designed for longevity mercedes_badge_300dand safety and that it makes for repeat customers? 

I sold my first Mercedes, a 560 SEL, back in the late 1990s due to the higher than expected cost of ownership. I disliked the routine parts replacement required to maintain service stamps and warranty coverage as I’ve never been one to replace expensive parts way before their expected life. At the time I surmised that was one of the reasons  these expensive remain on the road – they are practically looking at the number of parts being replaced during routine maintenance. Still, I appreciated how solid the behemoth of a car was built … and how well it drove. Oh how nice it drove! They are truly well engineered and built “like a tanks.” If the initial price and higher than normal maintenance cost were not an issue, I’d probably be a loyal Mercedes Benz owner and driver to this day.

High cost aside, there are a few other things that Mercedes Benz does to make owners feel appreciated (Volkswagen should take note). One such touch is their high mileage badging program. In fact, the award for my 1982 Mercedes 300D Turbodiesel arrived Monday and I strategically placed it on the grille in order to cover a small ding (the plan when I sent in the application [PDF]). Perfect! Thanks you Mercedes … for both the customer appreciation effort and the impressively package and FREE mileage badge and award.



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