Thoughts on the George Zimmerman trial

Posted By on July 11, 2013

As the trial of George Zimmerman in Florida nears deliberation this week as attorneys for the prosecution and defense wrap up their arguments regarding george-zimmerman-court-2013the use of a gun in the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in February 2012. The media did a disservice to those paying attention to this case both before and during the trial when reporting on race or on citizens carrying firearms. Biases aside, the jury must study the evidence which will either be enough to convict or exonerate Zimmerman of 2nd degree murder or manslaughter him … both carry a significant prison sentence.


Unknown to the jury will be character components regarding Trayvon Martin, as Judge Debra Nelson, among other questionable decisions, has rejected photos taken from his cellphone which reflect negatively of his character. Along with keeping these photos from the jury, the defense will not be permitted to include text messages or witness testimony which paint Martin as confrontational.

Although the media originally excluded color photos of Zimmerman’s injuries (above), in my mind that purposeful fact makes me distrust news coverage. After seeing the color photos, I mentally have already exonerated him and those injuries reinforced his decision to used his conceal weapon in self-defense. Now, knowing the additional character information below has me wondering if the  confrontation would have been even escalated further if Martin was of legal age. Am I the only one wondering why the state is working so hard to prosecute George Zimmerman?

The ruling concerning Trayvon’s phone means the jury won’t see text messages that discussed fighting, purchasing a gun and a photo of a gun.

The text messages discuss Trayvon being sore after winning several rounds of a fight, Zimmerman’s attorney, Don West said. Trayvon also discussed buying a gun and took pictures of a hand holding a gun, West said.

Prosecutors said there’s no way of proving Trayvon sent the text messages or took the photos. [cough, cough – adding for emphasis] 



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