Americans are split regarding military action in Syria

Posted By on August 31, 2013

Now that about everyone is convinced that Syria and the Assad government has used chemical weapons in their civil war and the “red line” has been crossed, the decision about what to do about it is up to President Obama.


Personally I’m aligned with at least a strategic military response when it comes to Syria or any nation using WMDs. The United States and its leaders can’t be seen as weak, feckless or remaining neutral when it comes to governments using weapons of mass destruction. If the U.S. doesn’t respond, those who have weapons and commit acts of genocide will be embolden and no longer fear reprisal.

WSJ map – click for larger

There are people on both sides of the political spectrum who disagree with our involvement in Syria or other places around the world, but I can’t imagine how chaotic and how many innocent people would die if the U.S. was not a threat. I’m not suggesting we “go to war” in every instance, but we cannot  morally give free rein to governments to use chemical or biological weapons to wipe out 1000s of people at a time. Bashar al-Assad and his military can’t be left untouched or unchecked when it comes to these kinds of attacks.

As much as I dislike what President Obama is doing to our country internally, I’m sympathetic with the difficult decision that is his as our elected president … and will support him in making the difficult call to use our military. I expect he will choose an appropriate and measured response (that will no doubt receive criticism from every direction).


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