Obamacare – Dave Ramsey suggests doing the math

Posted By on October 20, 2013

Last week Dave Ramsey attempted to simplify the Affordable Care Act on his financial advice radio program for his listeners. He asked listeners to take off the political blindersdaveramseydothemath – be they those of the supporters of Obamacare or those who want the law overturned.

In a “tough love” Dave Ramsey kind of way, he stripped the political ideology (as best he could) and tried to make sense of “the math.” The conclusion was that there is no way to “lower premiums by $2500” as President Obama promised in 2009 (or frankly saving those paying for insurance any money). Saving money on health insurance (without reduced care) is totally unrealistic considering the new law puts onerous demands on the kind of insurance required and because same health insurance and pricing is demanded of everyone … regardless of age, health condition or ability to pay.  Does “the math” work???

  Dave Ramsey (mp3) The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) — “Do the math”


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