A flop of a Super Bowl and a few personal likes

Posted By on February 3, 2014

My apologies to Peyton Manning … probably the most complete football quarterback to ever play in the NFL … but you and your team stunk. The fine performance by the Seattle Seahawks aside, Super Bowl XLVIII was a dud of a game to watch.


The festivities that now are part of the entire Super Bowl buildup were still enjoyable as a mid-winter aside and certainly the commercials were worth the price of watching the game on TV. I think my favorites commercials tend to be retro … and this year Radio Shack did a pretty good job with that; I wish them well with their rebranding.



Another “personal like” (post title) was receiving a few photos from my daughter and her husband in Chicago. They decided to make the most of their trip to Minneapolis by spending a night and watching the Super Bowl a few stories up. Sure looks like they are having a great time.

KD_Chicago130202_1_m KD_Chicago130202_5_m


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