Jury rigging SeaTalk connectors on marine electronics

Posted By on March 4, 2014

Another electrical project for Encore on the top of my list is trying to convert a couple of my defective Navman instruments to older used Raymarine ST60+ series instruments (made an Ebay purchase). After talking with a pretty sharp supplier to the marine industry, he convinced me that if I wire them correctly the ST60 display should work with with the transducers currently in the boat. Worst case scenario … I’ll have to replace the transducers with standard ones that work well with the ST60.


Of course the connectors are entirely different from the proprietary and expensive SeaTalk connectors from Raymarine, so I’m looking for some small micro spade connectors. At some point I “might” want to add a SeaTalk backbone in order to feed data from and two other Raymarine items, like the ST4000+ autopilot, and maybe someday a Brookhouse Multiplexer … since I’d like to have all my instruments talking together and sharing data with a chart plotter, computer and iPad. First things first.


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