Xantrex 815-2012 Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

Posted By on January 7, 2014

prod_hires_FreedomSW3012_3-4Back in November I started Encore’s electrical diagnosis after struggling to charge my old battery  bank. After putting a tester on the 7 year old AGMs, I declared them dead. What I didn’t know was that the charger on my Heart Freedom Inverter / Charger unit wasn’t working either – the inverter had already giving up the ghost years ago. Still, I was a fan of the LINK 2000R which interfaced with this unit and I felt it gave me a fair picture of my battery status and charging rates (from either alternator or Freedom Charger – the solar panel has a separate regulator and ammeter). Not too be.

After calling the company that acquired the Heart Freedom line, Xantrex (now owned by Schneider Electric), they were able to keep me as a customer by assisting in upgrading my 1000 Watt unit with a 2000 Watt True Sine Wave Inverter and 100 Amp charger. I had to give up the LINK 2000R (no longer supported), but should still be able to get a readout of total battery voltage and estimated charge. I talked to several of my sailing friends and opinions were all over the map … seems there isn’t one best option. Anyway, the inverter should arrive in Florida on Friday this week and I’m hoping the existing heavy cables will fit … otherwise $$$ will be require for additional custom cables. (my previous archiving of Marine wire and electrical supplies)

Xanbus System Control Panel


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