Panos, fender cleaning and that new rental car smell

Posted By on March 17, 2014


Above is an iPhone panorama photo of the aft of Encore but it was so distorted that I had to try and tweak it in Photoshop. Better than it was, but still a quirky perspective.

DawnForFenders140315The fenders used to keep boats from bumping together or into docks and pilings take abuse and get pretty weathered. They are usually white and get black mold (I assume) and very grungy looking … sometimes even sticky.  If I were smart, I’d buy dark colored fender covers (cloth that covers and can be washed) and even keep the scuff marks from appearing on the side of the hull … obviously I’m not smart or just too cheap. Anyway my point is that Dawn Dish soap which cut grease better than most other soaps seems to do a pretty good job with the newer fenders … give it a try if you are looking for something (I also soak the lines in the detergent bucket … trying not to beach too much)

As usual, I rented a Ford Focus again (below) and this time got a brand spanking new one. It is nice to rent a car with that new car smell.



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