Congratulations to Jessica on her high school graduation

Posted By on May 27, 2014


Brenda and I spent a few days with our niece (Brenda’s younger sister) and family in Atlanta, Georgia. What a great time to be with our family and celebrate Jessica’s high school graduation and time checking out the Georgia Tech and ducking cover from the heavy rains. What a great time with a great niece.

JessG_SarahJess140527 JessG_JessGmas140527
Sisters Sarah and Jessica  |   Gma Howard, Jess and Gma Gerber

JessG_AnnJess140527 JessGrad_JessBrenda140526 JessGrad_Jesscap140526
Ann and Jessica   |   Jess and Brenda   | Jessica and Sarah

We spent a day downtown at Centennial Park.

JessGrad_CentenialPark14052 JessGrad_SarahPhotobombed14

JessGrad_Wheel1 JessGrad_CentenialWh140526



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