Summer reading: As Long As It’s Fun by Herb McCormick

Posted By on June 7, 2014

I’ve probably read every book the Pardey’s ever published as the information help me learn about cruising and our first boat and caring for a spruce mast and boom. McCormick_May2014They were, and are, inspirational when it comes to “go small, go simple and go now” philosophy even though it has been challenging to incorporated the cruising life into our family. In the early days, “pre-kids,” Brenda and I were starting our careers and trying to earn a living and start a business; unfortunately that prevented a vagabond, or more politely stated, liveaboard cruising lifestyle aboard our sailboat Brenich. Then came children, and our priorities changed. The focus shifted to suburban normalcy (for the good and bad) even though the yearning to cruise kept me dreaming, reading and planning the escape; Lin and Larry’s books (and videos) were a big part of that.

This summer I’m looking forward to reading Herb McCormick’s biographical book about the Pardey’s life called As Long As It’s Fun. I’m sure it will be the perfect follow-up to Lin’s reminiscing book Bull Canyon about their time pondering having a family, living in a California canyon, her writing and Larry’s unstoppable focus on building his next boat and getting back to the ocean. They have a magical life and deserve the slower pace on land, but are still by the water in New Zealand. Its always a thrill to have them come back to the states to visit and lectures during boatshow season.


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