This bird really wants a place for her eggs

Posted By on June 14, 2014

nestingonporchSo far this spring, I’ve thwarted the building of nests on our front porch … but lost the battle on the rear (two robin nests). Each year in the spring I bring out the coffee cans in order to crowd out the birds who try to build their nests under the protection of the porch and eves. The colored cans usually work but this persistent nest builder refuses to give up. Day after day the robin hauls nest making material to the edge and attempts to get it to stick … but there just isn’t enough room.
Actually I’m starting to feel sorry for my feathered friend and have almost considered giving in and moving the coffee can … if for nothing else, keeping the pile on the porch from getting any larger! Although I don’t have the frustrated bird on video, I’ll include this 15 second clip for clarity.


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