Added a new fuel filter to our John Deere 330

Posted By on August 11, 2014


One of the small projects this past weekend was to replace the plastic disposable fuel filter on my John Deere 330 a new inexpensive diesel fuel filter (less than $10). The new filter has a glass site tube and fits my modified fuel lines. The element inside this small filter is replaceable (3 for less than $5) compared to the pricey John Deere filters. This “yard tool” is primarily our trailer pulling and snow blowing tractor, but it continues to run great. The small and expensive diesel 300 series John Deere was probably one of the smartest purchases we ever made for the house and yard … back when “all” John Deere lawn equipment was of higher quality (nowadays you have to know what you are buying). One caveat about this new filter is that it does not look as if it has the smaller micron filtration element that I would have preferred … but then the 30 year old engine isn’t brand new either.


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