Our 2014 drainage repair projects are finally finished

Posted By on September 21, 2014

NewSidewalkDrain140919It has been a beautiful weekend to work on a few yard projects as the weather was warm, but not hot. A new drain has been on the list for a while, but the trigger stimulated the repair was when I hit the old plastic components with the lawn mower, shattering the grate and the housing. Instead of installing new underground parts, I used a cutting blade on my 4-1/2” grinder to modify the fitting to accept the new grate – a few bucks later and it looks better than the original ever did.

The other yard work besides mowing was to finish raking out the drainage work that I previously talked about for seed and straw. I’m probably going to be readdressing this area again with a load of topsoil as the clay dirt mix isn’t optimum for growing grass AND will most likely settle a bit over the excavated area. All in all, I’m glad to finally have this mess behind me before winter arrives.

IMG_3753s IMG_3754s IMG_3752s

Below are a few photos after bringing in Smallwood Excavating to correct the mess left by the unnamed (so far) previous companythe ones who disappeared with my deposit after starting the project. It is amazing what a difference a well managed and honest contractor makes … Smallwood Excavating finished in one day and even set up a laser to be sure the pitch was spot-on. Great guys, great three generation company. I enthusiastically recommend them.




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