Acro Sport II airplane crashes in Liberty Twp neighborhood

Posted By on September 20, 2014

SiteN94SM_Timpic-1 IMG_3746s 

A aerobatic bi plane, an Acro Sport II, crashed in a friend’s neighborhood a few mile to my north towards Monroe, OH but still in Liberty Township (thanks Tim). There were two people on board and there was an immediate fire on impact.  Damage can be seen to a house and yard (click for slightly larger photos).

A quick check with my EAA friends to see if any local chapters had members flying this plane, but nothing from them yet. I looked up the FAA tail number (N94SM) and found its “registration pending” out of Hamilton with an additional owner listed as an LLC based out of Fairfield (but street address of principle for the LLC the same). No names have been officially released –  10:30 AM.


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