The AppleEvent was successful, but the bar was high

Posted By on September 9, 2014

Tim Cook lead another #AppleEvent in the age of social media and I both watched and "tweeted" along with the tech interested across the country and world. applewatchThe event was "as expected" in that Apple launched the new iPhone6 and 6plus … larger phones. They will be offering up their new iOS8 on September 19th for all devices (free) and a new option for the NFC AppleWallet for their "new iPhone6 models." (see my question/comment below)

The final product was the AppleWatch … which initially looked a little "squareish" to me, but seems very functional especially considering it functions as an AppleWallet. At this point $AAPL traded up just over $103/share, but inched down after it was noted that the Watch is used pared with an iPhone (but can be used with the iPhone 5 and up). Unfortunately for shareholders, the stock has moved below the day’s opening price and is back to "flat" at 3:30PM. It does look to be following the pattern for past AppleEvents in closing down after product announcements (although "flat" is currently better than past events).


My  Question: If the AppleWatch can be paired with both the iPhone 5s and 6s, will the AppleWallet function on the AppleWatch when paired with the older iPhone 5 and 5s?



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