Encore weekend, LED Navigation lights and Solar Nicro Vents

Posted By on November 24, 2014

EncoreIMG_4289A little damp where I’m at, but at least it was far warmer than points north this past weekend. I’m sure glad not to still be closing up my mother-in-laws farmhouse in western New York … whew, just missed traveling in the “Snowvember.”

One of the projects I worked on was installing new LED navigation lights after figuring out that Encore was illegal. The previous owner install a masthead tricolor “sailing” light for navigation purposes, but disconnected the non-working bow and stern lights. After researching it was pretty obvious that when under power the boat still needs to have bow, stern and mast steaming lights (still not working). So I’ve opted for the least expensive LED lights, might have gone too cheap, but they work.

Another project was getting one of my “fairly new” Marinco Nicro Solar Day/Night Vents (Link 1 and 2) working again. I had thought it may have been the NiMD “C” cell, but after replacing determined it was the small motor. They make a motor replacement kit according to Dave the tech service guy (800-307-6702), but since the the vents are relatively new, I’m going to see if they honor the warranty or how they stand behind their product. Submitted info … stay tuned.

NicroVentTesting141122 NicroVentMotor141122


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