Might be time for less restraint and more proactive policing

Posted By on November 25, 2014


I’m typing a few thoughts after watching the opportunists tear up cities in our country after the grand jury decided not to prosecute the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri late Monday night. The police were obviously “once again” told to maintain a defensive posture as we ended up watching businesses being looted, property destroyed and fires set. It’s as if the rule of law does not protect the law abiding tax paying citizens, but bends over backward to permit criminal behavior and chaos.

I say make a few examples out of those committing crimes and inciting violence — use a little excessive force and send a clear message as a deterrent. At what point do the good people in the United States let the hoodlums know that enough is enough; maybe we need to “protest” that the police aren’t doing enough? (and don’t even get me started on President Obama’s lack of law enforcement when it come to securing our southern border or enforcing current immigration laws. I do remember what he said, “faithfully execute,” at his swearing in ceremony 6 years ago.) I’m disgusted.


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