Shocker: Ridiculously HIGH turnpike tolls in Pennsylvania

Posted By on November 24, 2014

penna_turnpikeWe’ve driven the PA turnpike several times in the past, although the last trip traveling the full length was probably close to a decade ago, but the 2014 tolls structure gives a new meaning to the term “highway robbery.”

This past weekend, my wife drove to Philadelphia from Cincinnati for a bridal shower and thought she had enough cash to pay the tolls (they don’t take credit cards) … but she did not. I can’t believe how much it now cost to drive on the Pennsylvania Turnpike … residents in that state should be ashamed.

A westbound trip across the entire 359-mile east-west Turnpike next year will increase by $1.90, to $39.90 for cash payments, and by $1.36, to $28.60, for E-ZPass users.

Going eastbound, tolls will increase by $2.20, to $46.10, and by $1.57, to $32.95, respectively.



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