Refrigerator shopping again, this time for the house

Posted By on November 13, 2014

Last year about this time (almost exactly this time) I was shopping for a refrigerator to replace the very old one down in the Florida condo. samsungrefrig141113Ever since then, the aging white Kitchen Aid refrigerator in our house just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore … even though it still keeps the condiments it cool. Ok, so that was a lousy joke, but what is shocking to me is the amount of “rust” showing up around the water dispenser. I’m not sure refrigerators should rust like that? Also, the brand has broken plastic parts that must weaken and get brittle with age? Anyway this time I started the search process (within dollar limits) and am considering those “fail zones” and avoiding Kitchen Aid – take note manufacturers if you want repeat customers and referrals.

samsungsize141113Brenda and I are  partial to a stainless look in keeping with the trend that moved away from “all white” and towards stainless steel. I was impressed with the engineering that went into our more expensive Bosch dishwasher, but am currently interested in really good sale price on a French door-ed Samsung with the very quiet “Twin Cooling Plus™ cooling system.” The size fits perfect in our kitchen’s opening and like the way the French doors close as compared to the Whirlpool. The ice maker is huge BUT could be a problem IF the cubes fall behind the rolling drawer freezer???

After going to the Home Depot and looking several models in person, I still have a few questions: I’m wondering if the sides will show and if the stainless steel matches the Bosch dishwasher (not that it matters) and what my wife thinks (now that matters)!



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