Sharpening 5 knives and a tip for sheathing an awl

Posted By on November 18, 2014

SSKnifesSharpenedOne of the items from my mother and father-in-law’s farmhouse that I wanted were her thin-bladed stainless steel kitchen knives. They were “always” dull, but the cast handles and all metal construction made them perfect for the dishwasher (although a couple of the tips were pretty bent). SharpeningSSKnives

We have two similar knives in our kitchen block and they are the “go-to” workhorses when preparing simple items so have similar ones aboard our sailboat Encore is going to be great. Two of the flexible bladed knifes are nearly filet knife quality (small) and will be great for preparing fish if I ever return to my roots (grew up cleaning hundreds and hundreds of fish as a boy).

As for getting an edge back on the stainless steel (not the best for holding edges), I’m satisfied with them for use in a galley. I probably could have worked a little longer on them and used my “fine” stone, but the medium is good for kitchen knifes. While I was at it, I decided to sharpen and bring one of my two old awls to the boat – TIP: sheath and protect a sharp tool and yourself from an awl or ice pick with a length of stiff plastic tubing cut slightly longer than the tool tip.


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