iOS 8.1.1 update available for Apple mobile devices

Posted By on November 17, 2014

Hard to verify since Ino long using the iPad2 (now Air 2), but Apple has released an update iOS called 8.1.1. The update claims to “increase stability and performance” for those using older iPhones and iPads. This was a big complaint with the iPad 2 and will hopefully return performance to at what lease was acceptable on iOS7 for those still productive on older devices.



  • Rachael

    Gow do you audio text with iOS 8.1.1?

    • Unless you’ve installed an alternate keyboard on your iPhone, there should be a “microphone” icon next to your spacebar on the virtual keyboard. (even if you installed the alternate keyboard you can still cycle back to the original) This wasn’t changed in iOS 8.1.1 as far as I can tell.

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