A hardware-aholic is when you buy hose clamps by the pound

Posted By on January 29, 2015


I’m the prime example of a “hardware-aholic” because I needed to replace a couple stainless steel hose clamps and ended up buying over 3 pounds of used clamps. I know grocery and clothes shoppers do it, but my weakness is hardware … and perhaps tools. My recent eBay buy was a perfect example of single clamps costing too much and piles of various sizes of used clamps selling by the pound. I couldn’t resist and bought the bunch (below)!


The positive is that I won’t be paying the exorbitant West Marine price for marine grade stainless steel clamps or cutting corners and buying cheap hardware or automotive grade junk … instead I now have a pile of Ideal, Murray and Wittek (known for their “tower clamps”) used clamps in order to replace a few of the corroding hose clamps on Encore.

Encore_strainer Encore_needclamps Encore_strainertop


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