Can downtown Toledo follow the urban revitalization trend?

Posted By on January 8, 2015


The answer is YES if ProMedica’s President and CEO Randy Oostra has anything to say about it (video below). The company plans to move their corporate headquarters to the abandoned historic Toledo Edison Steam Plant property on the Maumee riverfront in a bold move which will play a significant role in boosting the local Toledo economy as well as attract businesses and more people to Promenade Park, but parking vs. green space is still being debated. For the health of the city, let’s hope both sides can come together and find an amiable solution.

Ohio cities, especially economically hard hit Toledo, need more local companies willing to partner with the community in order to bring back their cities and create an environment that attracts business to the community. Kudos to ProMedica and city leaders who are stepping forward and working to revitalize what once was a thriving city … and my family’s hometown.


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