We had a wonderful time with Katelyn and Drew

Posted By on January 7, 2015

DrewKatelynBrenda_FramedWedMy daughter Katelyn and her husband Drew were in town to visit this week and we pretended it was still the week of Christmas and exchanged a couple gifts. Brenda had already shipped a box of presents to them, but saved back a frame and print for them. It was an artistic photo taken down at Cincinnati’s Fountain Square from their wedding photos and put in an antique frame Brenda found at an estate sale. The framed canvas photo is beautiful.

We also received a couple gifts from them … and one that they brought home with them from our son Taylor.


One of the concerns was whether or not the larger frame was going to fit in Katelyn’s Nissan Juke. Drew and I had previously exchanged emails and measurements before they left Minnesota … and on paper it looked like it would fit. Still by the time we looked at the car and frame … I was not sure. Thankfully it “just” fit behind the seats and left them room for all the other stuff they were hauling. What a great visit!


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