Archive: Saving the dimensions for missing Cape Horn vanes

Posted By on February 16, 2015

CapeHorn_vanesizesEventually I’m interested in getting the Cape Horn Self-Steering gear working aboard Encore, but I’m still missing a few parts. Two of the crucial items are the Light and Heavy vanes that make the corrections that pivot the steering gears paddle. The paddle (in the water) amplifies the force in order to control the rudder … eventually steering the boat back on course all without power. I priced replacing the vanes from Canada, but after reviewing the dimensions, it almost looks as if the sail cloth light air and aluminum heavy weather vane could be self fabricated?

Mailing address :

Cape Horn Marine Products
316 Girouard st.,
Oka QC Canada J0N 1E0

Phone: +1 450 479 6314


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